Welcome to Elaia, a magical city nestled in a high valley. It's the end of your first year at university & time to choose your major. 

Find yourself among potential friends or lovers-- young people with secrets, dreams, fears, and tragedies. Learn about the history & breadth of Elaia's world, and decide what kind of mark you want to leave on it. 


  • An interactive fiction story. 
  • A dating sim wrapped up in a fantasy adventure puzzle.
  • A quest to find your own happy ending in a world where you always get a second chance.


Select "Run Game" or "Load Game." Read the text that appears like it's a story unfolding, and select between the bolded options offered to you. 


Use the SAVE button to preserve your progress as you explore Elaia. Any refresh/reload of the web page will clear your existing progress. Many phones will automatically drop any idling webpages, so save before you leave the browser app to go to another application or tab. 


If the game "freezes," choices stop appearing, or it has other issues in execution, we suggest closing the browser, then reopening it & reloading your most recent save. (Do NOT save at the place the error occurs. Only use a save that already existed.) This has helped with most the commonly seen bugs. 

If the game won't load at all ("Run Game" does not appear), try deleting your cookies. 


Made using inkle's INK -

Written by E. Jade Lomax -

Ink by E. Jade Lomax 

Save Function provided by Adam Rubin 

Photo by Curt Lomax 

Beta testing by Jules Lomax, Adam Rubin, M. Esty, J. Loginov, R. Kellum, A. Rowland, K. Su, H. Barnard, N. Oguri, S. Hayes, M, Grace Li, and many wonderful helpful others! 

Liked the game? Check out my tumblr ink-splotch for behind the scenes content and my other works. I'm also on Twitter @ejadelomax. 

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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(285 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsFantasy, LGBTQIA
Average sessionA few minutes

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I found this game between my bookmarks. I remember playing it for half an hour two years ago but then I must've lost the tab or simply forgot (my mind wanders quickly)

After eight loops I finally managed to stop the comet and lead the people together with Esteban. He's the best <3

I'll be playing around some more to see what else I can achieve

I've spent like 2 hours playing and I just finally got the good ending with Jo and Suzette and I'm so happy????

played ~30 times and got all of the gethame endings and the jo endings.... i love to save the world and all my friends....

i don't know how to block spoilers so please do not read the rest of the comments if you don't want to be spoiled SPOILERS HERE


I'M SO HAPPY WITH THE ENDING I GOT !!! i burned the papers so suzette could never become the monster, i banquished Veris so the land would stop being poisoned, I ran away with Esteban to the South to recover the land, the war never happened, and i got the phoenix gem so I could save the world. thank you SO SO MUCH for writing this AMAZING story! I've played this game a few times but I never got to finish it because the game was crashing/my computer wasn't saving the files. But today I finally sat down and finished it, and it was definitely worth the wait. I played a new major/a new initial friend for each round, so I ended up saving the world after 6 loops, but I kept playing afterwards because I wanted to save Suzette. Then, when I saved her, Gemma mentioned that she thought that the south was being poisoned because of us, so I wanted to stop the war. Then I got the option to run for the hills, and then I kept looping because i wanted to meet everyone there. Then, I got the option to continue south, and after I met Moretti and confirmed that the land was poisoned, I got the option to go with Esteban and do some illegal shenanigans to save the land, and save the world! This is a FANTASTIC story, you are a FANTASTIC writer, and thank you so much for everything!


Awesome. Saved everyone and got the myka ending :)

Good stuff! I've gotten the Suzette and Myka endings, as well as the cake-fryer and smith non-endings, but are there also a Gemma and Moretti endings? And, if so, how?

It took me 30 times but i got it and loved it

I am a minor questing page sent here by a princess.

This story is good! I can't believe I got sucked into it so much looking for the answer, going 32 loops for it.

The first few runs made me go "protecc Suzette" because she was my first waifu, which led to predictable consequences. I kept at it for what seemed like ages, but never could find an answer in the 1x runs.  Part of it also made me suffer Bernkastel-disease where I became numb to Suzette's plight after failing again and again.

When I started talking to other people, worlds opened up, but I was still missing the key piece to save the world. Bernkastel-disease got a lot more stronger in the 2x runs as I started dating even the guys, everyone, just to try and find the answer to saving Suzette, eventually bumping into the FRIENDSHIP route without the keyword. Then everything fell into place.

You know what? Even though I didn't end up on an ending with Suzette (I'm pretty sure the story allows you to fix her), the ending still warms my heart. It's an ending that I chose and worked hard for. Thank you for writing an awesome story!

I was also sent by a princess!


Pick history and try bonding with Suzette before the ball. You should know what to do by then!

Afterwards, steal the gem and tell her the truth.

Took me eight loops to save the world. I kept playing because I felt that there was so much more in the world on offer, and there was. I had saved the world, but had I *seen* the world? The city of beginnings is only a small facet of a larger picture, and the enemy not as you would expect.

20 loops to finish the damn book, lol!

One thing though. If you do get to loop in the company of someone else, why not have them loop too? Seems like an exponential level of tracking, I suppose?

Got through the Myka end in eight loops. The worldbuilding is really neat and I quite enjoyed the mechanics.


Wow, this was amazing! I definitely didn't expect this in the beginning.


I got really frustrated around the 15th cycle, I was stuck. After a break I had an epiphany though, and got it done by the 18th!

After that I've been trying to find a way to both save Suzette and romance Myka. I guess it's just not possible.

The MC, Jo and Suzette trio is really cute, but if I have to choose it'll always be my beloved Myka.

So anyway, great game!  Definitely one of my favorites. I loved figuring out this puzzle. Thanks for making it available for free!

I actually was able to romance Myka and save Suzette, so it is possible!!
And even if I loved the the world version with Jo and Suzette, I'm very happy with my route with Myka as well!

This was amazing??? I've played it before, and this second playthrough holds up. I ended up accidentally romancing Myka on my last life, but it felt really correct even though I hadn't been doing it on purpose. I think my first time I went for Jo? I still want to go for Esteban and Suzette eventually, too (Gemma is great but has killed me like, a lot).

I'm curious, is there a MC/Jo/Suzette end? I noticed those characters can hang out as a trio an awful lot, but I've never managed to thread the needle on it.

This is a shockingly heartbreakingly good game. It’s so hard saving everyone and not causing any disasters in the process!

It’s positively wonderful, though I’ve not yet unlocked the puzzle of how to prevent the war and save everyone :-(


Those sensitive artist types… 


This game is absolutely amazing but i'm really clueless on how to saved the world lol, but the game is really good! I'm down bad for esteban baby <3

He’s a good lad! 

this game made me cry. like badly lmfao. i believe i was on life 17 when i saved the world, but went back for 18th to get with esteban. suzette is happy, everyone is happy. i go out to visit everyone out of town, and seeing mc happy after how exhausted she was for so many lives make me so happy and just wow,

Ah, I’m so glad!!

I saved the world on my 6th life, but my mad gal went back again. She's gonna get her perfect ending.

She can do it! 



Just took me 28 lifes!!!!

My poor friends, my poor Estevan, my poor Jo, my dearest Micah.

I loved every single one of them in many ways

I felt my very own sanity going down with my MC mind, When i talked to the characters and they didn't knew me, was heartbreaking.

That's a wonderful game and you're one of my dearest authors, This made me taste billions of lifetimes at once, and gosh I loved it so much, i love it, i love it, i love it, even if it got into down sometimes

The options where MC just accepts death or spend it with a loved one wrenched me good, The fact that we help Esteban paint again is amazing, truly, though i regret i couldn't stay with him in the time i got to "stay" i was too afraid to go back again

28, very nice!!! Thank you for investing so much into living those lives with the protagonist. 

Took me 20 but made it eventually! Absolutely wonderful game and now I'm hooked on checking all of the possible endings. Thank you author! :)

Thank you! 20 is a great run 

It took me 13 lives to stay! I was so connected to the character I wanted to figure it all out with as little do-overs as possible huhu. It tugged at my heart when I read new additions pertaining to the exhaustion of having lived so much. I’m so happy with the epilogue. The character deserves the slow, easy, quiet life for sure.

Thank you for the experience(s)!!


I’m so glad it resonated with you!! The protagonist deserves so much peace by the end, yes!

IM CRYING im in my 25th run and i'm so close, I just dont know ow to get the word for protect for the comet T0T and I'm determined to be with Esteban, still an amazing game, I just want everyone to be alive and well LOL

omg omg nvm i did it!! I got to the 'stay' ending IM STILL CRYING this was written so well I love Esteban oml 

good job!!!!

I love to telling Myka "I love you", sometimes I explodin dam just for that line.

End with her at beach are already best ending, imho.

Ah, I love that ending! 

Holy shite it took me 32 lives to reach the end (mainly cause i was taking my time and doing multiple runs that were all basicly the same..) but.. wow that was absolutely fantastic and i absolutely love the option to say "im sorry" at runs that were really close 8/10 game (cause it can get a bit repetitive with it being a time loop and all)




S L A Y !

This game is amazing T>T Can anyone tell me how to go with Myka to the lake though? I'm trying to find the word for the gem and I've already rerun so many lives already :'>

If you learn archaic from Mister Pent and then go to the lake, that should do it (let me know if not because that’s a bug!). To get Myka to go to the lake with you, I believe you need to hang with her at the lab instead of going to the ball— you can suggest it then I think, if you tell her about the time loops. But to be honest it’s been years since I wrote this! 

when i hang out with her at the lab and tell her about the time loops, the option to take her to the lake never comes up D:


If I’m remembering the intended design right, that sounds like a bug! I’ll see if I can fix that up sometime!


Does anyone know how to find the right word or words for the gem? I'm stuck on it rn.


Take magic again or be friends with Myka and go to the lake with her iirc?

Can I end up staying while still being with any of the "outsiders", like Len and Fezzi? Or is that a no-go?

Afraid not! If you take off for the hills, there’s no path to let you come back and do the comet. 

shame that even after you've done the comet, you can't go back to the village :(

I think that’s really fair! If I go back for a bug fix or a v2.0 sometime, I’ll try to pencil that one in. It’s a good end!

I LOVED THIS GAME !! Came here from ao3 .

Thank u for sharing this <3

Ah thank you!! 


Took me 14 lives to beat it, but what a fantastic ride it was. I went into it knowing nothing and really enjoyed it. The only criticism I have is that after the first few "runs" it gets super repetitive. I ended up just skipping most of the dialogue.

One suggestion would be to allow the player to set a "world state" for that particular run before starting it based on their past lives. So instead of going through all of the dialogue you could essentially "warp" to the next logical step in the story if that makes any sense.

really neat and cool game

im dropping it at 7 lives due to my detest of repetition, but the end seems close yet far. i feel like the only piece im missing is to hang out with jo more in the next life but... the cost of time doesn't seem like a good exchange XD


17. made it in 17 lives. wonderful game 

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 

this game is so beautiful. i just reached 15 and i havent figured out how to stop the comet yet but i'm so close i can feel it. managing to heal the south with jo and have everyone live only to have everything destroyed is pretty extra heartbreaking. i'm gonna figure it out though. i love this so so much.

I hope you found your best ending! 


went through 27 lives . 

each different from the others. 

died so many different ways, and lived so many different lives. 

this game made my existential crisis worse, but also gave me perspective. 

it made me appreciate my own life . 


Ah I’m so glad, thank you! 


As so many others have said, this was such a powerful and moving experience. I'm someone who struggles with indecision, with the fear of regret, with the weight of all the "what-ifs". Being able to live so many lives, to go down all the paths and explore possibilities to my heart's content... and then to see that -- if I didn't give up --  there were truly no wrong answers, that any path could lead to happiness and contentment... it gave me a sense of calm and freedom I haven't felt in a long time. And it made my final choice all the more meaningful.

So thank you for that, and for these beautiful characters, and this fascinating world, and your wonderful words.

And thank you for all the work you did to make it real! I've been writing an IF game in Twine for the first time and it is so. much. work. But you've inspired me!

I'm glad you're living in this time-stream, and that I'm here to appreciate this creation.


Yes, there are no wrong answers! Just lives to live.

I’m glad you’re trying out IF writing, it’s so fun! I’m taking a break to work on my novels but I’m eager to dive back into some IF when I can… 

For being a first foray into choice-based storytelling, you absolutely knocked it out of the park; the characters are amazing, learning more about the world as i went along was a delight, and it's hard to overstate how much i enjoyed the experience.

Thanks for making it!


Ah I’m so glad, thank you for playing!

This is INCREDIBLE. I did not expect the range of things that we can do to be this varied. Definitely one of the best out here!


Thank you so much! 


This game. It-it's so good. I love it, I love how you slowly put things together. It's well written, and very, very nice. Good job! Wasn't expecting to feel sad that I completed it, but I do feel sad. Things link together well and I enjoyed it.


I’m glad! The “epilogues” section at the end was one of my favorites to write, because I wanted every ending to feel satisfying no matter your path. 


I played this about a year ago and I lost my progress- which is fine but like, I was looking so hard for this game and I'm so glad I found it again, the storytelling is really amazing

I’m so glad you enjoyed it— and that you found it again!

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I almost gave up but after 24 tries, I finally got the happy ending with EstebanT_T this is so good


Love to see Esteban getting some love <3

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