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 a Gryffindor Primary and a Burned Hufflepuff Secondary

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epic gamer moment when youre a ravenclaw primary, like SUCH a ravenclaw primary, and a burned slytherin secondary, and youre modelling gryffindor in both your primary n secondary. i know perfectly well innately im not gryffindor it just fits with my Image n i think its cool so i generally tell people im gryffindor whoops

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reading about ravenclaw primaries like wow holy shit this is just me this is exactly me.  i have almost never felt more understood. i will now become obsessed with and unhealthily fixate on this personality typing system like the true ravenclaw primary enneagram 6w5 i am <3 i love it here

hahaha when you're a burned Gryffindor Primary and Secondary, and your Secondary is modeling Slytherin. the amount of trauma I am impressed

It turns out I'm a Primary Slytherin and Secondary Slytherin, but my Primary is modeling Gryffindor. That's weird, but it makes a lot of sense. I like to have my values and fight for what I believe in, but I can drop it without too much regret if it's not helping me in my ambitions or if I need to do differently to help someone I love. As for the secondary, I act differently in every situation depending on what I need from it. :)

Nothing is inherently, indisputably bad or good-- morality requires constant dispute to stay true and valid.

I'm not sure I understand what this means. Does it mean nothing is just right or wrong but there must be a reason that explains it (and we must find out what that reason is) or does it mean that whether things are right or wrong depends on what we decide rather arbitrarily?

I'm asking because I'm quite sure I might be Ravenclaw Primary but out of the two possible meanings of this sentence I could think of, I agree with the first one, the second one makes me angry because I know things are objectively right or wrong for a clear reason that is beyond what we might make of it subjectively.

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Just my interpretation of the quote, but it feels like it’s focusing on morality and it’s consistancy, or there lack of. Also, emphasis on indisputably and inherently. 

Morals change with facts and experiences you go through. Nothing is forever good and bad, you can think something is good for most of your life until an experience proves it otherwise. Like for example, charity you would think is always good, however later on you would, for example, hear about how the people you are supposedly helping end up becoming dependant and are unable to sustain themselves without help.

Morals change, and when they change then the previous morals you had were technically false and invalid as you’ve had a change of mind and/or heart. 

Morals can vary from person to person. Therefore, “good” and “evil” can be talked about and people have different values which may conflict with yours. 

I’m ofc not the writer though, so I wouldn’t know what they mean. This is just my take on it, and I hope it helps. If not, then so be it. I hope you find a house you believe you fit in with :)

Thank you very much for giving your take to my question, I appreciate it. :) I've decided I'm probably a Ravenclaw upon giving it more thought.

I always get sorted into either hufflepuff or slytherin, which I never really understood as in my mind they hold very different values. Turns out I’m hufflepuff primary, slytherin secondary with a secondary model hufflepuff, which yeah, that’s exactly what it is hahaha. Basically I’d be a bit of a twisted hufflepuff, or the mother Teresa of slytherins lmao


I always thought I was a Hufflepuff but it turns out I just model it! In reality I got Burned Gryffindor Primary and Burned Hufflepuff Secondary. Very, very fascinating! Thank you!


Primary Slytherin and Secondary Slytherin....and apparently I seem to live in that Slytherin neutral state! I almost said that I modeled Gryffindor for my secondary (that blunt honesty, unwillingness to cover any part of yourself for anyone or anything), but then I realize it had nothing to do with innate morals and everything to do with general apathy and amusement.

This was a different and refreshing take on sorting. I really had to think and reason through how and why I do what I do. I really enjoyed this! Thank you!

Hufflepuff^2!! Nice to confirm I'm still 100% hufflepuff in every way hahaha

I'm a primary Slytherin with model Ravenclaw and a secondary Hufflepuff... that's strange, but it is definitely me.

hi, so. i've been trying to take the primary test, but i don't really know what it might be, because i can see the points in all of them, and don't really know how to know which one i'm actually like. any advice? oof

you’re divergent 😂

yeah, me too!

I’m really trying but the closest I get seems to 

be: modeling, Ravenclaws, Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs!!! Still understanding Slytherin too though  

So maybe there are Divergents in the House system...

For some reason I can't get the quiz to run. It keeps saying the connection was reset??

That's weird, I'm sorry! I'll see what I can do...

Can you model a house for your secondary? Or only with primary?

You can model either, or both! The quiz has a bit about this if you look for it.


This was really a surprise to me as someone who has always gotten Gryffindor on every test but here I got slytherin primary and hufflepuff secondary, (turns out I just model Gryffindor) it totally makes sense though! I really resonated with these explanations! Awesome quiz!

So I think I'm a Primary Ravenclaw and a definite Secondary Burned Ravenclaw, but I'm also thinking about being a Primary Gryffindor with a Ravenclaw model I can't really decide.

this is literally the exact result and conflict I had

Wow. Some weeks ago I took the Quiz and got a hatstall for the secondaries. Now I did it again to see if I'd take different answers/get another result and turns out I'm actually a burned secondary which makes total sense! 


It was a nice experience! At pottermore I'd constantly get Hufflepuff (for years) and only once got Gryffindor (when I had already gotten used to Hufflepuff) and it annoyed me lmao

Doing this test, turns out I'm a Gryffindor Primary and Hufflepuff Secondary so now it all makes sense. 


This is great!

As someone who always got sorted as a Slytherin, but could agree with so much from Ravenclaw, this makes a lot of sense :)

It's nice to be able to combine my tendencies :)

(Primary: Slytherin, modeling Ravenclaw; Secondary: Burned Slytherin, modeling Ravenclaw)

I've considered myself a Ravenclaw for so long but turns out I just model it. I'm a Hufflepuff Primary and Burned Hufflepuff Secondary.

God, this is incredible. I've tried to go over the explanations on tumbler so many time already, but for some reason I just never managed to read everything. Maybe it was just too much english at once (especially the first few times I tried) or just too much information. 

But I finished it now, after more than an hour and a half, and while I'vh thrown myself into a loop about every possible thing (am I a Gryffindor primery who model hufflepuff, or the other way around? Is it possible to be a hufflepuff secondary who model ravenclew, and somehow absorbed the mentality (fears?) of both burned hufflepuff and ravenclew?) It was absulotly wonderful. Thank you.

like, seriously, w-o-w. my face got so, so, so, so red while answering. not sure if i was more fascinated by the knowledge you guys have or more embarrassed by being called out like That. the "It was selfish to make the less correct choice just because it made you feel better" is probably going to haunt my dreams for a while, but mostly i'm glad for this awesome lesson in self-awareness. i feel i know myself a lot better because of this, and i have new questions to think and re-think and overthink about. 

for now, what i am thinking is that i may be a ravenclaw primary who models gryffindor primary (maybe the opposite) with a gryffindor secondary who models slytherin secondary (maybe the opposite). 

BTW: i've always got sorted as a ravenclaw. 

Everything makes so much more sense now! 

Primary: Slytherin

Secondary: Grifindor

This is so good!

Thank you!

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i seem to be stuck in a loop on secondaries T_T

like, when i put that i think i model slytherin, it would just send me back to a list with tell me about other houses, even though i did the primary bit already

oh, i guess i had to pick an actual secondary and then the modeling is like a second secondary


thank you for making this! i've read through your tumblr and was unable to narrow anything down, & i've taken the official pottermore quiz, but taking this quiz really helped. i got  gryffindor primary w/ a hufflepuff model and ravenclaw secondary, and it sounds accurate. funnily enough, i scored just about even for all of those when i took the traditional test.


This Got Wayy deeper than a personality quiz has any right to be.
 I came out as a Hufflepuff who Models Ravenclaw, for both primary and secondary.

At least I think so, I also could be a primary Ravenclaw who Models Hufflepuff. The page where you describe the difference nearly made me cry. If you decide your chosen morality model of kindness and hard work is not the best form of morality, would you feel more guilty and selfish for staying or leaving. I'm over here like "equally yes to both"

Primary: Burned Hufflepuff

Secondary: Burned Hufflepuff.

and the first ever house i was sorted into, way back when on the old pottermore website was hufflepuff! Wow~

(Primary) Burned slytherin and (Secondary) Ravenclaw.

On pottermore I got ravenclaw because guess what? (I think it's because) I studied more than having a social live or stuff wwww

i absolutely loved this! is there a way to revisit our results after we got them?

Not through the quiz, but a lot of the content lives on our Tumblr if you want to check it out. 

thank you!

I got a complete hat stall for primary and I don't know what to choose. Guess I'll just restart


My results are a double burned Hufflepuff.

Accurate. But ouch.

I also thought it was hilarious that 'A burned Hufflepuff can look a lot like an unburned Slytherin' because on Pottermore... I got Slytherin.

I love taking characters through this and getting unexpected results. Who would believe Bakugou Katsuki is a double Gryffindor?

Wow, when I first got my result I thought "I've always thought I was this other secondary though" and then you all proceeded to call me out in each and every description and finish it with "I idk though, does this sound right?" Yes, yes it does. Awesome job.



Am I supposed to get Gryffindor Primary AND Secondary?

That's certainly a possible sorting!

it was a fun quiz but my result feels like a humblebrag (I took Gryffindor primary and Ravenclaw secondary which made more sense).

this is so cool and complex! you clearly put a lot of thought into it. Love the "burned" option, that's very true to life

Thank you! Yeah that's one of our favorite facets of the system. 

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