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Note: If you think trans women are anything other than women deserving of respect, equality, and dignity, please fuck off. If your feminism excludes trans women, you're wrong. 

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very cool system! i got bird primary and snake secondary


I got a Bird primary and a Snake secondary, which I can't say I disagree with.

I got Badger primary (Lion model) and Bird secondary. This quiz is really cool!


Without meaning to imply disagreement with the anti-DEI Note, I don't understand how it is relevant to the quiz? And unless it relates to the quiz, it just feels needlessly tacked on, pointlessly divisive and unnecessarily hostile.

It's like putting "ACAB" signs up in a donut shop: it has nothing to do with donuts and will not prevent bastards cops from buying donuts there ... People who agree, don't care, because they already agree; people who disagree, don't care, because they already disagree; and people who neither agree nor disagree, don't care, because it has nothing to do with donuts.


It's important because the creator of the original system this is based on is notoriously evil when it comes to trans individuals. So no I don't think its "irrelevant" for the creator of this quiz to mention they don't agree with their views.

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Oh but it is. Completely irrelevant. The disagreement did not prevent the creation of this derivative work, so then it is not going to prevent the use of this derivative work. The attempt to do so is hypocritical.

As I said, it feels needlessly tacked on, pointlessly divisive and unnecessarily hostile.  It is against diversity of opinions, against equity and inclusion of people holding differing opinions. And as someone who also thinks JKR is a hypocrite, this just reads like a spoilt toddler throwing a tantrum - it reflects badly on all of us and is frankly quite embarrassing.

And all for what? What possible purpose does it serve? Those who agree don't need to hear it; those who disagree don't want to hear it; and nobody else cares beyond finding it pathetic and in bad taste. It's so mindlessly self-destructive.


It's not mindlessly self-destructive or divisive to show support for a minority group, if it bothers you so much then it's clear you're one of the freaks the creator of this is referring to and you're more than welcome to leave :)


It is extreme self-destructive to needlessly tack on a pointlessly divisive and unnecessarily hostile anti-DEI note, telling TERFs to "fuck off" from a quiz derived from a TERF's IP. Worse still it is pointless, because it won't prevent them from playing the quiz anyway and only serves to embarrass those of us who aren't such bigoted freaks.

But the hateful coward who felt the need to create a second account just to double up on their down-votes and @ me is certainly welcome to stick their head back up their echo chamber, where it is safe to persecute everyone who is different that they are 😏


"Saying that black women are women is a divisive comment and serves no purpose, it just serves to exclude diversity and create unnecessary hostility" do you hear how insane that sounds??? that's what you just said.


Nice straw man, but no that is not all what I said. 

Rather I said, telling TERFs to "fuck off" from a quiz based on the IP of a TERF, feels needlessly tacked on, pointlessly divisive and unnecessarily hostile, and is exclusionary, inequitable and anti-diversity, not to mention hypocritical, embarrassing and mindlessly self-destructive. 

It's like the freaks who attack bookstores for selling Harry Potter, harass streamers for playing Hogwarts Legacy and send JKR death-threats. If you would care to step out of your little echo-chamber for a second, you will notice that the overwhelming majority of people disagrees with JKR but is driven away by this hateful and violent misbehavior. It is extremely counter-productive and self-destructive.


What I said was an analogy, a straw man would have been if I had said " Oh so now you're saying it's self destructive to show support to any minority group???" if you're going to randomly say [insert fallacy here] you should at least be aware of what they mean bruv. Also I only have this one account, people just don't agree with you as evidenced by your original post T-T


So you don't even understand how analogies and straw men work. Why am I not surprised. You've demonstrated all the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of a toddler so far... 

Within the space of a few minutes: first down vote on OP, time of creation of your account, second down vote, your first barrage of BS. But sure, you only have one account and everyone else is just as much of a bigoted freak as you... 😂 Keep telling yourself that, it will make the transition out of infancy so much smoother for you - should you ever achieve it, that is.


Your veneer of caring for trans people quickly falls away when you vehemently attack anti-TERF messages. 

You spout so much emotionally-charged language in defence of these TERFs with little reason or explanation for it. Just repetitions of how "damaging", "self-destructive", or "violent" it is.

Last I checked, the violence was being wielded by the hate groups attacking trans people, not the victims telling haters to fuck off - but carry on victim blaming to protect your own fragile conscience.

Ethical movements NEED to be strong and stern to make progress. We look back romantically at the fight for racial and gender equity, but if you look at the actions of the suffragettes, for example, you should understand that radical pushback was critical to the success of the movement, even if extremely unpopular at the time.

Tit for tat. Fight back. Don't be a pushover. What you're fighting for is for trans-positive groups to be pushovers. Fuck that rhetoric. If you hate trans people, go fuck yourself. 

I got a hufflepuff primary and hufflepuff secondary! It is funny how it changes, I took this test at least 2 or so years ago and got Gryffindor primary and Hufflepuff secondary (but it said i could also look at Gryffindor secondary, so I guess those two were pretty close). It’s funny how you change as you get older! But I feel like this very much fits. My friends say I give Professor Sprout energy so I guess it fits lol! 

Deleted 163 days ago
Deleted 163 days ago

burned lion primary, bird secondary


do you guys need a web dev? I'd like to volunteer to redesign this page

I got Snake Primary and Burned Snake secondary (how is this so accurate i feel headhunted /lighthearted /joking)

but when I first took the test i got snake primary and burned badger secondary

it's interesting to see how I've changed

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I got Bird primary/Bird secondary (got to say literally me) but if this is the new Wizarding World Sorting hat terms Bird should be changed to Eagle, since Ravenclaw's symbol is an Eagle.


That was a lot of fun. Not sure I've ever taken a personality typing quiz (or any online quiz) that was able to actively build intrigue like this one can lol

team Burned Lion/Snake where y'all at

I come back to this every now and then to see how my answers have changed. It's one of the more insightful personality tests I've found. I love how detailed the results are. 

When I first took the test, I was a burned Badger primary/Bird secondary. Now I'm a burned Snake primary/Bird secondary. 

This was great, thank you.

- Snake Primary & Snake Secondary (Bird Model)

I got Burned Badger - Primary and Badger - Secondary.

I’m assuming during the new update you wanted to change all mentions of the house names to the animal names so I wanted to let you know that in the final write-up it says “Ravenclaws’ tools are necessarily task-specific” instead of “Birds’ tools” under Burned Bird Secondary, in case that’s something you need to change! Wonderful quiz by the way!


Ah thank you!

Out of curiosity, why did you make this change? Were you facing copyright issues?


No. JKR being a hateful terf bummed us out, so we’re distancing ourselves from the canon for our own sanity. 


Ooh, I see. Yeah, really unfortunate that she turned out that way... so much for the power of "love". Sending lots of love and support from a straight cis ally, Badger primary and Snake secondary :)



Burned Slytherin primary and Burned Griffindor secondary. Bring out your dustpan. It's so accurate, I really like it.

Burned Hufflepuff primary with a Gryffindor model, and a Slytherin secondary.

God, I knew this was gonna be accurate, but you really called me out so hard. This is really appreciated, definitely the best quiz I've ever taken.

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Burned Gryffindor primary, Ravenclaw model

Slytherin secondary, Ravenclaw model

Before this quiz, I kept on getting either Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. I always thought I was a mix between Ravenclaw and Slytherin and couldn’t decide. I hated when I got Gryffindor because I felt like it didn’t represent me. This quiz really helped me understand why I got those results. Definitely the best sorting hat quiz I’ve ever taken.


True hatstall 1st, Ravenclaw 2nd.

gosh this is so accurate jdskjsfnbdsk i got slytherin for both,, with ravenclaw model too methinks. good quiz! never seen anything this thorough

Oh my God this is so accurate I got Griffindor for both

i love that there are different layers and an option for you to look through the descriptions and pick the one you think fits you the best. truly a great quiz.

So turns out I have a Hufflepuf primary, Hufflepuf secondary, and a Slytherin secondary model. 

Which makes so much sense.. 

My results said I'm a Gryffindor primary and Slytherin secondary and I just have to say this is one of the most accurate quizzes I've ever done, omg. Well done because this must have taken forever to create and I'm really impressed with the effort put into it.


This is the best sorting quiz I have ever taken. It gives reason to the houses that I have never seen before, even in (especially in lol) the books. I love how there are different layers that reflect actual personalities, instead of assuming that everyone fits into one of four molds. I also loved that the questions had nothing to do with the wizarding world whatsoever. Thank you so much.

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i always thought of myself as a Slytherin even before i read all of the books. i had read the first three books in elementary school, saw the size of GOF, and called it quits. i’m 20 now and i finally got around to it this year. i began to second guess my house because if how badly it was portrayed in the books. i tried to fit in with Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff for a while but it didn’t feel exactly right no matter how much i tried. then i tried to fit in with Gryffindor and i immediately knew that it wasn’t for me.

i found this quiz on reddit, and i’m a Burned Slytherin Primary with Hufflepuff Model and Burned Slytherin Secondary with Ravenclaw Model, and everything makes so much more sense now. after taking this quiz i’m back to wearing my green with pride cuz i’m back home!

I got a burned Hufflepuff primary/Slytherin primary model, with a Ravenclaw secondary and Gryffindor secondary model. Honestly I expected this my sorting hat quizzes over the years have been pretty equal on all fronts, the Hufflepuff is new though. This makes so much more sense to me than the single house model I just never felt like I could fit into any of them. 

I got burned slytherin primary with hufflepuff model and ravenclaw secondary with slytherin model.

I still consider myself a hufflepuff cos it’s what I feel overall, but this quiz reminded me of how I used to be torn between those three houses. But yeah the quiz was really interesting and satisfying. Fun too, even if it melted my brain haha

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Overall a compelling and interesting quiz. Though too many of the deepest questions didn't have enough response possibilities or had ones that really didn't fit all that well. Perhaps that's a function of there only being four houses to sort into? Or maybe the sorting hat just doesn't have all day to go down all the rabbit holes with me!

Anyway! I hatstalled you, which was kind of neat. But your quiz did eventually return the results I expected and already knew: ЯЯRR! Ravenclaw primary, secondary and both kinds of modelling. I haven't met a wizarding world quiz yet that hasn't yielded Ravenclaw as a result.

As for your challenge: I hold that trans women are human beings, children of God, who are deserving of the utmost respect, love and dignity. Not because they are trans women! But because they are human beings and because they are beautiful and beloved sisters.

Yay, I'ma Gryffindor primary and Ravenclaw secondary

This is, absolutely, the best quiz EVER!

I've taken dozens! per dozens of the Sortinh Hats quizes over the years, including retaking the pottermore quiz, and nothing is as amazing as this one by far!

I've always been torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, but the quizes' results had always given me Gryffindor which bummed me out ; I've never really thought to ever liked or fit in in that house and the only trait that I might have is my bluntness. But overtime, with ever quizes coming out Gryff, I doubted myself, maybe I AM a Gryff afterall, it was possible that I might be biased from disliking Gryffs in the series (the books and movies). But this quiz was just what I needed, also apparently free therapy, this is magical mind healing!

Turned out, I'm a Burned Slytherin Primary - Burned Slytherin Secondary and Ravenclaw Primary Model ! I had trouble with Primary, seeing as I have a model as well as burned. But the secondary was truely, me! All the descriptions fit me like missing puzzle pieces and it felt as though I had finally found the words to describe me at long last. Genuiently adore this quiz!

I got Slytherin Primary, Gryffindor Secondary and Hufflepuff Primary Model. I think I am... content. And I did get close to Burnt Houses a lot - rather concerning but I guess that only gives me more ammunition to take care of myself and what should be changed in my life. Pottermore had been a mix of Gryffindor (1), Ravenclaw (3) and Slytherin (2) and the Sorting Hat Chats just in general gives me a more clear idea about whys and hows, I think it's brilliant :)

I got Burned Gryffindor Primary and Hufflepuff Secondary, with a Hufflepuff Primary Model. Its refreshing to see this as an answer as my Pottermore quiz results were always Ravenclaw, but I litterly always felt like I was more of a Hufflepuff.

I got Gryffindor Primary and Burned Hufflepuff Secondary.  I always thought I was a Ravenclaw, and lately I had been wondering whether I was a Hufflepuff or not. But this makes much more sense. I think your secondary house would be more adequate as a "real life" house since the HOW you do things is quite important within a community and in your everyday life. I see the primary house more as an internal compass or the introverted functions we have.

I'm a Slytherin Primary and Ravenclaw Secondary with a Hufflepuff Primary model.

I really liked my results, I've always felt like a SlytherClaw anyway and this just helped me out a bit with myself. Though I almost got burned Hufflepuff primary and burned Ravenclaw secondary... which worries me a bit.

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I'm a Gryffindor Primary and a Ravenclaw Secondary, so which one should I choose?? (Before the test, I was torn between the two lolol.) My friend got two Slytherins, she didn't have to struggle. I envied her.🙄

Tbh I think your secondary house would be more adequate as a "real life" house since the HOW you do things is quite important within a community and in your everyday life. I see the primary house more as an internal compass or the introverted functions we have. I'm a Gryffindor primary too apparently!

Would love to know more about the difference between a Gryffindor Primary with a Slytherin Secondary compared to a Slytherin Primary with a Gryffindor Secondary. I feel like I really could go either way. 

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OK can I just say, that as someone who took the Pottermore quiz five times (to see what would break the tie - I got Ravenclaw thrice and Gryffindor twice) as well as took millions of quizzes over the years and always got either of those two houses, I always assumed I was just another Hermione/McGonagall type and hatstalled between those two houses. And then I read all about Primary and Secondary and Burned and Model Houses and then I took this quiz - and it turns out I'm a Burned Slytherin Primary??? I was so shocked, but also so taken aback by the fact that I finally have the words to describe a pretty defining, nearly traumatic incident in my youth that I've come to realize (within the process of taking this test) defined me so much more than I've thought it did, and Burned Slytherin is just, it to a complete T. This quiz was like a therapy session honestly. (Also it turns out I'm a Ravenclaw Secondary and I'm really content with that, since Ravenclaw does speak to me a lot - and I might even model Hufflepuff Primary and Gryffindor Secondary, which was an intriguing thing to learn and something I want to learn more about). So yeah, wow, thank you for helping me, a very self-reflective introvert, discover something new and vital about herself.

ETA: Wanted to say that, 10 months later, I've taken the quiz again, and I've come out as a Burned Slytherin Primary, a Gryffindor Secondary, and a Ravenclaw Model for both Primary and Secondary, which makes the most sense to me now - and I'm looking forward to taking this again in the future to see if my self-understanding changes again lol! This quiz is always engaging and enlightening.

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hey burned hufflepuff secondary didn't have to come for me that hard. this quiz didn't have to go that hard. you have cut me to my core and i am never going to recover from the mortifying experience of being known
that said, i'm a burned hufflepuff primary and secondary modeling a ravenclaw secondary

and i’m... slytherin primary and secondary, with no doubt 😅 tbh it’s the results i expected, but i kind of thought i might’ve been a hatstall with ravenclaw, but not even, and after reading the different explanations, i agree with that :) i think this test/the reasoning behind it are really accurate, on my way to tumblr to learn more!

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