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ngl this was fantastic from beginning to end. I just loved how the story intertwined in every way and besides the romance was a beautiful tidbit. Thank you for making such a sweet(?) yet haunting yet heartwarming story.

Thank you so much! Sweet with a question mark works very well :)

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This is so amazing!!! I will definitely have to play through again to learn more, but this run was very satisfying. 

Spoilers Below

I got to romance Daisy, Bec, AND Gwyn, and I’m besties with Tam. Traveling the world with Bec and Gwyn is so nice, and even if I don’t have Daisy with me I have her gift of being a spider demon, which I think is so sweet! Chris isn’t my type but I’m definitely going to try and learn more about him next time around.

I do have a question though - Do you think Bec and Gwyn will ever be satisfied with their travels (for now at least), and settle back in town for a little while?

That’s a great ending!!

I think they will be satisfied and settle down eventually— but I think it will be in a new place, one of the portal towns they travel to and fall in love with, and not where they grew up. 

Aw that’s super sweet! Thanks!

This choose-your-own-adventure game lets you explore who you used to be so that you can decide who you want to be....(not really you, but playing as someone else).  

this was absolutely amazing, stunning, lovely, thank you for making it <3 all your work, whether it be your games or your writing, touches my heart so deeply

Thank you!! 

i loved this but the ending was actually somewhat depressing lol is there alternative endings depending on choices made in the dreams or will it always lead out the same just with different characters


The ending doesn’t depend on the dreams— it depends on your relationships with the characters and what they’re willing to help you with or offer to you. The more friends you make, the more options you will have. There’s quite a few different possible endings! 

I loved the game

But how do I romance Chris?

I could only choose Bec sob

Be kind to him! Also make sure to befriend Gwyn as well— there’s some content with her that will unlock Chris content. Daisy also unlocks some Chris content. 

Thank you <3


I’ve tried everything and the world doesn’t want me to romance Chris apparently

I played a few hours and liked your game very much 🙂

Do we have a way to have all the memory back ?

And what about aunt Bev ? Is there a way to learn more about her and who she was ?

Thank you! 
There are ways to get *more* memories, but I wouldn’t say there’s a way to get *all* of them. 

Depends how much you know already! While you can learn more about Aunt Bev and her choices, I wouldn’t say this game will ever give you the “full” story. 

i really enjoyed your other game, stay?, and was very excited to see another piece of work from you! I've spent several hours playing through this over and over by now, and every time has had something new to surprise me with. All of your characters feel alive and three-dimensional, and I love the entire story. Thank you for making this, and sharing it.

Thank you! I’m glad you’re replaying it; I think there’s some fun stuff to find in multiple runs! 

holy mackerel! this was absolutely stunning I have had so much fun the characters were so moving and I love them all so much, I love Tam, Bec and Gwyn the most I ended up with Daisy mostly on accident but I desperately want to try romancing Bec, the relationship they Had with us was just so... good. I adore how much they all meant to each other. thank you for this fantastic story I look forward to playing again and again and every new thing you write!

Romance Bec! You can do it! 

Thank you for exploring this world and caring about these characters.

Wow this was incredible

Thank you! You’re incredible